Top 10 Colloidal Calcium Benefits and Uses

Colloidal Calcium

The body is made up of several different components, and requires a great deal of support aside from diet and exercise. Yes, these things are important, but it’s also important to work with supplements that can help the body a great deal. That’s where vitamin and mineral supplements come into play, and amidst some of the most important comes the notion of colloidal minerals. These minerals can help the body absorb and retain stronger nutritional elements than with diet and exercise alone. One of the many options you’ll want to look into is that of colloidal calcium. There are several benefits to using calcium supplements, especially the colloidal option, which can help with absorption and retention of the following benefits.

Top 10 Benefits of Colloidal Calcium:

Increases Bone Strength
Strong bones can help the skeletal system through your life. It keeps you up straight, it helps maintain muscle, and can even help eliminate pressure on the back, joints, and more. By taking a simple supplement, you can help with avoiding osteoporosis in old age, and with colloidal solutions, you can ensure that the body absorbs more of the main element. Women over the age of 45 and men over the age of 55 especially need a boost in bone density as it diminishes with age.

Helps Maintain Healthy Weight
Perhaps one of the best benefits that comes with colloidal calcium is the assistance it gives to weight management. The body uses this supplement to help with thyroid balance, which is one of the glands in the body that controls metabolic rate. It helps with stimulating metabolic rates in order to convert fat cells into energy. This of course helps with reducing weight, and providing balance to the body’s overall systems. It can help prevent fat cells from sticking around long term, simple as that.

Keeps Blood Pressure Stable
The heart is one of the many muscles of the body, and it needs a bit of help to continue to pump, circulate blood, and remain healthy. Blood pressure is maintained at optimum levels with the added help of calcium ions. The introduction of these ions helps with protein cells that help the heart maintain proper momentum. Without a healthy amount of calcium in the body, the heart increase blood pressure, struggling to circulate blood, which could lead to heart attack. This supplement helps avoid that pressure change.

Fighting Colon Cancer
You may not know this, but studies indicate that a drop-in calcium has been tied to cancer risk. Recent studies have indicated that calcium drops could cause problems in the colon. Fighting back can be as simple as supplementing calcium, as it can help with reducing polyp growth in the colon, and can help with the suppression of cellular mutations that lead to cancer cell creation. Colloidal options, especially liquid, can help with absorption and retention of the mineral, making it a powerful tool in the fight against colon cancer.

Mood Enhancement
Deficiencies in calcium have been linked to mood swings, and even depression. By supplementing this, alongside diet and exercise, mood can be enhanced. While this is not a complete anti-depressant, it can cause serotonin levels to balance. For women that deal with premenstrual issues, this may help with avoiding depression and mood issues ahead of cycles. It can also help with irritability over time.

Avoid Kidney Stones
Kidney stones develop in the body and are extracted through the urethra. They are painful, and difficult to manage. Colloidal calcium can help in preventing the oxidation of these stones, and can help the body eradicate excess minerals before they form these elements in the kidneys. Decreasing the risk of kidney stones through calcium supplements can help avoid stones later on in life. There is a great deal of pain involved in removing stones, which is why this is so important to consider today.

Helps With Digestion
You may have heard of pH balances in the body, and how important it is for proper digestion. Colloidal supplements help with changing the acidity in the stomach, and helps with metabolic rate. It balances the pH levels in the stomach so that it doesn’t become too acidic, and helps with digestion. That means that you can eat a good diet, and reduce upset stomach, and even heartburn as well as other digestive problems.

Strengthen Tooth Enamel
Teeth can be aided greatly with supplements. If you want to keep your teeth strong throughout your life, you’ll find that you can easily do so with the help of colloidal calcium. Not only can you help strengthen enamel, you’ll also get help with gums. Maintaining healthy gums can be easy when you have a good amount of calcium in your diet. Children, and elderly people need a strong push of calcium, as enamel is developing and diminishing at those ages.

Boosts Nutritional Absorption
The next big thing that you’re going to find with this supplement is that you’ll have better overall nutritional absorption. The body uses calcium to boost cellular absorption at the molecular level. It’s for this reason why many are told to drink plenty of milk, due in large part to the calcium and vitamin D that is found within the drink. With colloidal solutions, you’ll find that the absorption rate rises, and helps with delivering nutrition across the body’s cells in other arenas.

Nervous System Assistance
Last but not least, you’ll find that calcium assists with assisting the nervous system. The nerves in the body require a great deal of nutrition to keep mental health, and wellness. Damage to this system can cause chronic pain, and much more. To alleviate headaches, muscle pain, joint movement, and more, requires a bit of help overall. This supplement pushes homeostasis in the nervous system and helps keep things moving forward with relative ease. Add vitamin D as well, and you could very well stave off nerve damage in the eyes, brain, feet, and hands.

At the end of the day, you’ll find that the top 10 benefits mentioned above are some of the most prominent found with colloidal calcium. The body needs support, and this helps create lasting results, in the end.

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