Top 10 Colloidal Zinc Benefits and Uses


Zinc is scientifically referred to as a trace element, a micronutrient that plays an important factor in maintaining a healthy body. It is a known immune system booster, an anti-oxidant and bone strength improver. But, did you know that zinc can offer much more than that? As a matter of fact, even a slight zinc deficiency can lead to numerous health issues whichmay even lead to fatal consequences if left unchecked.

Zinc is also responsible when it comes to maintaining the normal functions of our body and is also a vital factor in speeding up wound healing, tissue repair, diabetes regulation, reduction of stress and its negative effects on the body, enhanced metabolism, nutrient absorption, fertility and pregnancy.

How Zinc Works:

The normal level of zinc in our body is around 2-3 grams. Deficiency in zinc can often lead to infection, infertility, hair loss, fatigue, hypotension, bone strength deterioration, etc.

Among the 100,000 proteins in the body, 3000 of it needs zinc in order to function properly whilst 300 of our body’s enzymes requires zinc in order for them to metabolize properly. Needless to say, they wouldn’t function as efficiently without ample amounts of zinc in the body.

Zinc is normally secreted by our pancreas, prostate gland, salivary gland and cells in the immune system. However, due to regular metabolic process and excretion, the amount of zinc diminishes. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to replenish the amount of zinc in our bodies. For example, high protein foods such as animal protein, seafood, dairy products, legumes and wheat grains are good source of zinc.

Adding them to our daily diet, in moderation, would significantly help. There are cases, however, wherein the body isn’t able to absorb it from the food we eat. This is because of anti-nutrients such as phytates—if left unchecked, this can lead to a zinc deficiency. To make sure the body gets what it needs, adding supplements in the form of colloidal zinc would certainly help. The best bit? They are readily available and can be taken easily.

Top 10 Benefits of Zinc:

Potent Anti-oxidant
Free radicals causes damage to cell growth which may lead to cancer. Zinc, helps the body by counteracting the effects of free radicals, especially the ones that causes inflammation. It also plays a role in our body’s biochemical reaction, protein synthesis and utilization of enzymes. Sufficient amount of colloidal zinc reduces the risk of cancer.

Fertility and Procreation
Zinc is also involved during procreation, up to lactation. Before reproduction, zinc boosts the sperm’s energy so it could dispel and push itself up along with the unbroken DNA. With its ability to repair DNA, zinc also helps with cell growth, spermatogenesis and development of the fetus’ sex organ. Zinc is also necessary during childbirth and lactation. Colloidal zinc is highly recommended to pregnant women. It helps in the formation of the fetus’ body parts and after birth, it aids in milk production.

Improves Bone Density
Aside from calcium, zinc also contributes to bone restructure. Zinc, being one of the fractions of hydroxyapatite, improves bone strength. Regular intake of colloidal zinc lessens your chances of osteoporosis and bone malformation. This is particularly important, especially to older people and those who are often exposed to various injuries which may weaken their bones in the long run. The same goes for growing children.

Diabetes Prevention
Zinc is required for normal hormone function. With zinc, sufficient amounts of insulin is accumulated in the pancreas and is discharged when glucose penetrates the blood stream. Zinc also enhances the insulin sensitivity process wherein insulin pairs up with the cells, allowing the utilization of glucose as source of energy. In cases where zinc is deficient, insulin sensitivity is affected, cells will eventually reject insulin which then results to glucose hoarding in the bloodstream, and impairs the body’s inability to excrete insulin. This will then cause high blood sugar, fat acquisition and in the long run, may even result to diabetes. Daily consumption of colloidal zinc helps boost the body’s insulin sensitivity and prevents diabetes from developing.

Mood Enhancer, Depression Management and Fatigue
Dopamine is a body chemical that enhances mood, learning ability and energy. Zinc is one of the regulators of dopamine which explains the relationship between zinc and depression. Having sufficient amounts of zinc in the body increases serotonin receptors in the brain which helps us feel good, lessening the chances for depression to further develop.Doctors often advise their patients who suffer from depression to include colloidal zinc in their diet.As for fatigue, muscle fatigue often leads to chronic fatigue. Sufficient zinc levels in the body aids proper muscle function thus relieving feelings of lethargy and preventing fatigue.

Improves Night Vision
Zinc deficiency is indirectly related to night blindness. Vitamin A, an integral key to enhanced night vision, requires the stimulation of other enzymes. These enzymes requires zinc to function normally so having sufficient amounts of it in the body helps these enzymes perform their tasks more efficiently— improving our vision in the process.

Anti-Cancer Agent and Immunity Enhancer
Free radicals damage our DNA’s integrity which can then lead to the mutation of cancer cells. Being an anti-oxidant, Zinc helps the body in getting rid of these free radicals and counters their detrimental effects. Aside from eliminating inflammation-causing free radicals, zinc also improves our immunity with its ability to stimulate white blood cells; a natural antibody. During infection, Zinc moderates the presence of inflammatory agents called cytokines.

Supports Heart Health
Aside from being a natural solution for hypertension, adequate amounts of zinc in the body helps the proper functioning of the endothelium, a coating of our cell that links with the blood vessels and is partially responsible for blood circulation. Colloidal zinc also sustains cell health in the cardiovascular system, helps eliminate inflammatory agents and reduces oxidative stress. Zinc deficiency decreases the endothelial barrier leading to the accumulation of cholesterol and inflammation which actually heightens your chance of developing heart disease.

Sleep, Brain Function and Energy Booster
Melatonin, an integral hormone which helps you get ample sleep, is highly dependent on zinc for proper metabolism. It is also an important factor in maintaining the functions of neurotransmitters and our overall cognition. In addition, zinc aids enzymes when it comes to the anabolism of fatty acids; this is a process that improves brain health and ensures that it gets all the nutrients in needs. Along with Vitamin B6, zinc upholds the normal functions of different neurotransmitters in the brain. Colloidal zinc is also highly present in the hippocampus, an area of the body responsible for our memories and thoughts.

Weight and Hair loss
Zinc is a vital mineral in weight loss as it is also connected with our appetite. The ghrelin hormone is responsible for sending hunger signals to the body and it needs zinc for proper regulation. We feel much less hungry when this hormone is functioning properly. Zinc is also a vital supplement when it comes to diminishing the effects of alopecia. Zinc helps strengthen hair integrity. Aside from medication and hair growth solutions, colloidal zinc is also another great supplement to try when it comes to hair growth.

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